CKV classes

Film music classes as a guest teacher on high schools

Besides composing and performing, Gijs can also teach. He provides classes on high schools as a visiting teacher. This class is about film music, aiming to make the students aware of the influence of music on the perception of a film.
During the class, Gijs teaches about the origin and the functions of film music, such as:

– Strengthening emotion during a film scene
– Announcing and complementing
– Contrasting with the image
– Invoke tension
– Indicating the local setting of a film

For each of these functions, Gijs will provide examples on the piano. He also presents some film music which he composed by himself, along with an explanation on the composition process.


Film music can make an important contribution to the recognizability and identity of a film. To illustrate this, Gijs has made a quiz during which he plays some well-known filmscores on the piano (such as Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast, the Pirates of the Caribbean and Schindler’s List). The students can guess which to which films these songs belong. Finally, they can come up with other films, from which Gijs will play some tunes.

Gijs van Winkelhof has a lot of experience with these classed and has received many enthusiastic responses from both students and teachers.

For more information on the possibilties and the prices you can contact Gijs Music.