Compositions (oud)

Film- and theatre compositions


The song ‘Free’ is from the soundtrack of Michiko.
Michiko is a Japanese fairytale written by Lyzette Havinga and Petra Visser. The original Dutch lyrics of the song are by Petra Visser and the music is composed by Gijs van Winkelhof.


On June 26th 2016 Gijs van Winkelhof released the new single ‘Dream Out Loud’ on iTunes. This single is from the Dutch musical “Alice in Anderland”. The music is composed by film- and theatre composer Gijs van Winkelhof and the lyrics are by Petra Visser.


Compositions for various artists


Gijs van Winkelhof wrote the music for the song ‘Jij maakt het verschil’, recorded by the Dutch television comedian, singer and actor Paul de Leeuw and released on his album ‘Het Wordt Winter’.
This video is a live performance of the song on his TV-show ‘Mooi weer de Leeuw’.

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