Gijs Piano LIVE

In September 2020, Gijs Van Winkelhof started his live piano request show ‘Gijs Piano LIVE’ on YouTube. Every Sunday at 3pm EST – 21:00 CET he performs requests on the piano. Be sure to join the live streams and subscribe here: Gijs Piano LIVE

Happily Ever After on Piano – Walt Disney World


A piano arrangement of Magic Kingdom’s fireworks show ‘Happily Ever After’. 

Disneyland Paris on Piano – 30 Years of Magic and Music

I’ve always loved to play songs from Disneyland Paris on the grand piano at Café Fantasia at the Disneyland Hotel, so to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the park, I decided to arrange a medley of over 30 songs from various Disney rides, shows and parades from 1992 to today!

EPCOT Piano Medley Part 2 – Walt Disney World (2020)

This piano medley is a continuation of an EPCOT musical journey I began after releasing my first medley during EPCOT’s 35th anniversary a few years ago. Diving deeper into this park, it’s history, it’s philosophy, and the many wonderful songs and themes written for its various attractions and entertainment offerings, I realized that a single medley only scratched the surface of the music written for the park.
This video is dedicated to the Disney community for preserving this collection of Disney park music for a new generation of dreamers.

1 – “IllumiNations – Reflections of Earth” (1999)
2 – “We’re Getting Ready for You” The Dream Called EPCOT (1980)
3 – “We’ve Just Begun to Dream” EPCOT Dedication Ceremony (1982)
4 – “Innoventions Plaza” (1994-2020)
5 – “The Age of Information” FutureCom (1982-1994)
6 – “The Living Seas” Seabase Alpha (1986-2005)
7 – “In the Big Blue World” The Seas with Nemo and Friends (2007-)
8 – “Father of the Bride” Soarin Queue (2004-)
9 – “The Trees” Soarin Queue (2004-)
10 – “Farmhouse Theme” Living with the Land (1993-)
11 – “Circle of Life” The Harvest Theater (1995-2020)
12 – “Makin’ Memories” Magic Eye Theater (1982-1986)
13 – “Honey I Shrunk the Audience” Magic Eye Theater (1994-2010)
14 – “Splashtacular” Fountain of Nations (1993)
15 – “Surprise in the Skies” World Showcase Lagoon (1991-1992)
16 – “El Rio del Tiempo” (1982-2007)
17 – “Meet the World” Originally Composed for EPCOT
18 – “Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure” (2020)
19 – “Impressions de France” (1982-)
20 – “Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand”

Walt Disney World Nighttime Concert (2020)


Vocals: Gijs Van Winkelhof & Priscilla Pfalz
Orchestral arrangement: Gijs Van Winkelhof

Last December, after purchasing a new digital stage piano I was experimenting with all of it’s interesting features and sounds. I came upon an electric piano setting which was reminiscent of those classic Disney power ballads from the 90s. I realized that playing songs like ‘SpectroMagic’ and ‘Happily Ever After’ on that ‘Disney Piano’ gave them a new energy and warmth. I thought it would be really cool to record a medley of all the nighttime spectaculars at Walt Disney World in the style of those iconic power ballads. I asked my friend Priscilla Pfalz to record the vocals with me.

We hope the video will bring back lots of fond memories for everyone, and will introduce music from the past that people haven’t necessarily heard before. We do know that there won’t be any nighttime spectaculars at Disney Parks the next couple months due to COVID-19, and we see the Concert as a way to bring the joy of these iconic shows into people’s homes!

1 – Remember The Magic (1996-1998)
2 – SpectroMagic (1991-2010)
3 – Remember The Magic Reprise
4 – We Are One – Rivers Of Light (2016-)
5 – The Magic, the Memories, and You! (2011-2012)
6 – The Electrical Water Pageant (1971-)
7 – The Main Street Electrical Parade (1977-2016)
8 – Fantasy In The Sky (1971-)
9 – Fantasmic! (1998-)
10 – Symphony in the Stars (2013-2016)
11 – Sorcery in the Sky (1990-1998)
12 – Wishes (2003-2017)
13 – Happily Ever After (2017-)
14 – SpectroMagic Reprise
15 – Celebrate the Magic (2012-2016)
16 – Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand (1999-)
17 – We Go On – IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth (1999-2019)
18 – Promise – IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth (1999-2019)
19 – Wishes Reprise
20 – Remember the Magic Reprise
21 – Walt Disney World Nighttime Spectaculars
22 – The Kiss Goodnight – When You Wish Upon A Star (2003-)