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Partypiet Pablo en de Gestolen Cadeaus (2018)
Composition and arrangement

Produced by: Onder Andere Producties
A film by Alex Mensch and Okke Verberk.
On October 13 2018 the film “Party Piet Pablo en de Gestolen Cadeaus” was released in theaters.
Gijs van Winkelhof arranged and composed the orchestral film music for this film.


Arrangement “Sinterklaasje kom maar binnen met je knecht”

Arrangement “De Pieten Sinterklaasmove”

Holland’s got talent (2015)

Gijs van Winkelhof arranged and produced an orchestral version of the song ‘Dark Horse’ by Katy Perry for the RTL 4 television show ‘Holland’s Got Talent’. The song was performed by the group ‘Maid of Four’. The members of this group are four singers who graduated from the conservatory: Liset Vrugteveen, Dominique van Son, Charlotte Vughts and Lida Straathof. They sing pop music with a classical twist.

Arrangement Dark Horse – Katy Perry

Ik ook (2007)
Composition and production

(Film) When Tim is in a crash with Daniel after a night out, it has a lot of emotional impact on him.

Screenplay and direction: Danny Maas
Producer: Melissa Nieveld
Camera: Vincent Geijsel
Sound: Jan Nieuwenhuijs, Ruud Bouma
Editing: Danny Maas
Grading: Edwin @ Het Raam
Composer: Gijs van Winkelhof
Sound editing: Wessel @ Recsound
Cast: a.o. Tim Murck, Loes Haverkort, Roxanne Stam, Hunter Bussemaker, Emile Jansen.

Theme from “Ik ook”